Planting Schedules

Spring is right around the corner and its time to start planting.  We will be planting over 100 non-food species alone this year, augmenting native species populations, nitrogen fixers, and rounding out seasonal balances between species.  When the spring peepers start chirping, volunteers are needed for spring planting.

Linked below are some of this years anticipated plantings  (varieties are not listed) and approximate dates.   Quantities of any given species will vary greatly based upon their role in the system, customer demand, and success of that crop.

I’ve attached the planting schedule so that CSA members and others can know what to expect and provide feedback.

This version doesn’t show which crops are planted in sequence, nor does it suggest companions or succession ( I intend on updating it). It might still prove useful as a quick reference for other gardeners.

schedule of plantings

red yard long beansredbor kale