Inspiration comes from many sources but one of the most important and effective sources is nature.  An important aspect of permaculture design is the concept of ecomimicry.  Ecomimicry utilizes observation of the natural world in order to learn about and imitate the strengths found within those systems.  Ecomimicry is not a new concept and mankind’s  history is full of examples of humans taking practical inspiration from nature (e.g agriculture).   What is new, is a an enhanced scientific understanding of the world around us and the capability to make better inferences from these discoveries.     Ecology, climate change, biogeochemistry, and other sciences have made great leaps in recent decades in understanding the world around us.

Biodiversity, multiple canopy layers, energy movement, native species, natural nitrogen fixation, trophic architecture; these are all elements of natural ecosystems that can be harnessed using ecomimicry in the design of resilient sustainable systems.