Why Join A CSA?

The reasons for joining a CSA vary greatly!   Some members are motivated to join by health; others have social or environmental reasons.  The common thread for CSA shareholders is that the best means of addressing their concern is getting closer to the farmer.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is empowering for both the farmer and the consumer.  It allows the consumer to choose the individual and land management practices they believe in.  Simultaneously, it frees the farmer from the obligation of making environmental or social sacrifices to remain competitive in a flawed market.

Here are just a few common reasons members join:

Connection with the farmer and other members

  • Connection with the farmer and other members
  • Your CSA choice directly impacts local land management practices
  • CSA offer unique selections and local specialties, ironically often not found in markets
  • Health; growing and eating good food nourishes the spirit.
  • Supporting local farms is important to rural communities
  • Transparency, regarding how your food is produced
  • You reduce fossil fuel use and waste from spoilage by enjoying fresher local produce
  • Workshops and volunteering provide opportunities to learn new skills and have fun
  • Seasonal celebrations are natural when you are living closer to nature.
  • The Earth is an interconnected web of life and the actions of every individual have an effect on the whole. Stable ecosystems are the basis of all human life, and the quality of their care and health affect not only the people who eat today, but also those who will depend on those ecosystems in the future. Even though less than 1% of our population is engaged in farming, stewardship of the environment is a concern and responsibility of every one. It is in everyone’s interest that farmers are encouraged to produce food in a manner that restores and preserves stable and diverse ecosystems.