Our Bees

PrairieGreens Permaculture is pleased to have a live-on-site habitat quality inspection team of over 100,000 individuals.  Our bees will testify to the health of our land and abstinence from pesticides.  We are always planting new species to provide more food throughout the year for our pollinating friends.  If you are interested in bees, let us know, we occasionally will have swarms available.  Our bees are hardy, hygienic, and disease resistant.

I’ve found that the health of a bee colony and its level of aggression are directly related.  Sick colonies with fewer resources to protect (honey, brood, pollen), aren’t aggressive.  However, a healthy colony full of babies and preciously gathered food is not the obsequious mass often portrayed, it is ready to defend is spoils.  I wouldn’t have it any other way and a few stings are a small price to pay for these wonderful creatures