Our philosophy of permaculture is based upon the observation and imitation of natural systems.   We attempt to emulate the productivity and resilience of natural systems brought about by high levels of genetic and species diversity.  We attempt to generate and cycle nutrients and energy in our systems in a manner that mimics natural ecosystems.

Only well engineered perennial polyculture systems (and healthy natural systems) offer the benefits of carbon sequestration, natural nitrogen fixation, pollution prevention, and high levels of biodiversity; while resisting disease, pests, drought, heat, and other stochastic events. They are challenging and complex systems to foster, but the rewards are endless.

The design of our permaculture system draws from an endless list of disciplines including soil science, ecology, social science, plant physiology, art, hydrology, horticulture/agriculture, etc.  Nature is undisciplined (scientifically) and so is our approach to land management and permaculture.