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While farming is my primary occupation, I am formally trained as a botanist, ecologist, and environmental scientist.  My primary off farm work has always been landscaping.  It was this combination of training that led to the sustainable redevelopment of my family’s farm and research.  As a result of my eclectic background I have extensive experience both in the theory and practical application of sustainable system development.  I offer my knowledge and experience in the form of low cost consultation and/or landscaping services.

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Sustainable system development planning and implementation

Whether you want to develop some land to produce food for you or your customers, or you want to create food plots for wildlife; PrairieGreens landscaping services can help.  Consultations include an assessment of current strengths and weaknesses of the system as well as plans for development into the future.  Most plans will consist of multiple stages of development over a large time course.  Sustainable planning can include only biological systems such as food forests or edible landscapes or integrate housing and on site infrastructures.  PrairieGreens can help install infrastructure ranging from rain collection and cisterns, to off the grid lighting systems, and emergency power stations.  We can set up and integrating small scale wind and solar systems into homes, garages, and farm buildings.

Genetic resources

We offer plants useful for sustainable systems and can help with their integration into the system.   We specialize in native perennials, bee and insect supporting flowers, fruit and nut trees, fruit and nut shrubs, and brambles.  Our genetic resources are best suited to Zone 5 temperate systems such as East Central Illinois and our native species originate from this region.   We highly value naturally disease and pest resistant plants that produce viable seeds.  We constantly strive to increase the genetic diversity of our stock in order to improve future selections.

Physical Implementation

  Sometimes clients need help implementing designs.  For those people we are happy to assist to with implementation of development and maintenance.

Sustainable systems and permaculture can work at many scales; from apartment building complexes with edible landscaping, to complete farm redevelopments and installation of multi-canopy food forests.   Transforming an area into a more sustainable system has tremendous security, environmental, social, aesthetic, and financial rewards.   While the founders of sustainable systems will reap benefits immediately, permaculture projects are created for the benefit of one’s children and grandchildren and society.

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