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Not so long ago farmers offered their neighbors and friends subscriptions to their products such as milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables.  The industrialization of agriculture and its products has removed these intimate links between farmers and consumers.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmshares are the modern equivalent of old-time vegetable or milk subscriptions.  It is a reaction and alternative to the modern agricultural market that fails to value environmental stewardship or interpersonal connection.  When you join our CSA, you gain the ability see your food being grown and get to know your farmers on a first name basis.  You’ll also get chances to meet like minded individuals during workshops or market pickups.  Many unexpected friendships, skill-trading, or networking have resulted from community building.

When you join our CSA you also become part of an alternative local economy that directly impacts local land management and farmers.  We strive to demonstrate how restoring and nurturing diverse ecosystems supports agricultural production.

Each week members of our CSA will receive a share of the farms produce.  Summer membership offers a wide variety of veggies, herbs, and fruits, ranging from arugula to zucchini; all grown in an environmentally responsible manner.  You’ll enjoy bold salad mixes, fresh vegetables, flowers, herbs, and unique heirloom selections.  We also take requests and work individually with our members to meet their particular needs.

Our produce is picked within 24hrs of delivery and packaged (when appropriate) in biodegradable containers made of cellulose and manufactured with wind energy.  Transportation is carbon offset.  Our packaging reduces waste, increases convenience, and ensures your produce will remain fresh and attractive for as long as possible; without jeopardizing the environment.

Our Contract:  CSA members join with their farmer in both the risks of farming (crop failure, poor weather, etc.) and its benefits (a bountiful harvest season).  I understand that my share will vary from week to week, generally consisting of 6‐10 different seasonal vegetables, and that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or contents of my share. The shares will vary in weight, size, and type of vegetables. I understand that this partnership requires flexibility, as human error is inherent in such a partnership.  I understand that if I don’t pick up my share or have some one else pick it up, it can not be replaced later.

Our summer shares last 20 weeks, starting in June and ending in October.  Shares are $350, pay in full by March 15th and receive a free early-bird basket in May.
Payment can be broken into deposit ($150) and balance ($200) for convenience.

Pickups can be made at the farm or at the Urbana,  ‘Farmer’s Market on the Square’, Saturday mornings.  Pickups can also be made at the farm any time by appointment; email is the best method to arrange pickup in this manner.

By participating in our CSA you will help bring healthy locally grown food to your community, support permaculture, and build the community.  Subscribing is simple and can be done through traditional mail, a visit to the farm, or PayPal.

Full detailed contract for snail mail   Join PrairieGreens Permaculture CSA

or via PayPal

CSA Payment Options

Email us if you have questions: prairiegreens@gmail.com

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