At PrairieGreens we are extending our products to move beyond the farmers market.  This action is partly prompted by sluggish local markets affected by suffering economies, but also to reduce waste and improve use efficiency.  Too often I have given wonderful berries or veggies to my animals because I simply could not eat all I did not market.  To this end, I started to preserve foods by pickling, drying, etc.   Solar dried foods are one product that my customers showed immediate interest in. Because I show greater concern for when I harvest and how my foods are dried, the product is of higher quality and customers appreciate this.  Oregano was my first big success, with customers telling me how much better mine was than store bought; how the flavor was deeper and more intense.  Teas which I often sold fresh, but in very low quantities started to sell once I offered them in dried form.

I have started this line of products in hopes that I can generate some revenue during the off season and offer my products to more people.  I hope to extend my conservation efforts and inspiration through this means.  Thanks for considering some of these great foods.

All products are shipped in a reusable food safe container; usually a mason jar.  Because of the weight of dried products and the jar, 5$ shipping is the cheapest I can offer.  Thank you for understanding this expense.

Aronia Aronia melanocarpa

Aronia is an extremely cold hardy super-fruit rich in anthocyanins, imparting the dark coloration and lending to the name.  Aronia can be used in the same ways that the tropical fruit Acai can be used without using fuel to import the fruit or impacting tropical forests or economies.

We offer dried aronia that were picked at the peak of their freshness and dried immediately.  We ship these berries to you in a reusable mason jar.  Dried aronia are great for shakes, baked goods, salads, etc.

Dried Aronia Berries


Chamomile  Matricaria chamomilla

An extremely tough and drought resistant herb.  Able to tolerate compacted, rocky, dry, and otherwise horrible areas, this niche herb can be a great asset to your homestead.  Chamomile is traditionally used medicinally for teas to aid in relaxation or sleep.  However, you can also use chamomile greens as an herb, garnish, or salad green.  We sell the dried flower heads used for tea.  These are picked fresh when they are full of the active volatile oils that give chamomile its effectiveness.  To brew chamomile tea: use hot water but do not boil, cover with tin foil, and steep briefly.  The foil prevents the aromatic oils from volatilizing and escaping.

Chamomile (Dried, One-pint)

Egyptian Walking Onion Sets Allium proliferum

Walking onions, often known as Egyptian onions, are a perennial onion. The species is called walking onions because of the way the onion spreads; it produces baby onion sets on top that root once the onion leaf wilts and deposits these clones nearby.  These top sets are what are available for purchase.  Although these onions are very edible, I have found them most useful as a perennial companion for roses, baby trees, and other plants.


Kale Powder

Our kale powder is produced from solar dehydrated organically grown kale.  Kale is great for smoothies adding fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Kale Powder


Oregano Origanum vulgare

Our dried Italian oregano provides that classic spicy Italian flavor that compliments the sweetness of basil or stands well alone.  I harvest our oregano in its peak of health so that the leaves are full of oil and flavor.  I dry them properly so they retain as much of this flavor as  possible.  Like all my products these are grown organically in a diverse ecosystem.  You won’t be the first to feed of this oregano; bees love the flowers.

Dried Oregano


Shiitake Mushrooms Lentinula edodes

One of the easiest mushrooms to grow, multiple season cultivars, works on many species of wood, tasty, easy to market because customers know them and find them elegant, medicinal, productive.  True winter!  Tolerant of watering or not.  I have even grown them on mulberry and soft maple.  Cold producing varieties are great because they fruit when flies and beetles are not in the environment; preventing contamination and producing extra select mushrooms.  I also find cold varieties more flavorful.  Multiple cultivars allow for harvests spanning from spring thaw to fall freeze.  I’ve even gotten mushrooms during warm spells in middle of winter; when it was freezing again within a few days.

Shiitake Mushroom (Dried, One-Quart)