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Our small diversified farm located in East Central, IL is committed to natural and sustainable land management practices.  We draw our inspiration from natural systems and try to mimic the strengths ecological integrity and biodiversity impart upon them e.g. productivity and resilience.  We utilize perennial polycultures to prevent erosion, reduce weeds,  fix our farm’s nitrogen, provide habitat for soil organisms, sequester carbon, etc.  We thereby improve our soils fertility and structure while rehabilitating the landscape.  High levels of biodiversity protect our farm from stochastic events such as disease and pest outbreaks, and increase drought and heat resilience.  Managing our farm as an integrated permaculture system minimizes our inputs and allows us to refrain from using inorganic pesticides and fertilizers.

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George –  As a child my weekends were filled with farm and garden chores at my grandmother’s farm.  On breaks I would watch victory garden and other gardening or cooking shows.   I was free to experiment in her gardens and kitchen.  These experiences imprinted upon me a great fondness of working outside and with my hands (and eating).  When I went to college I pursued my interest in plants and received degrees in botany and environmental science.  My undergraduate education taught me taxonomy, natural history, ecology, native species, climate change, toxicology, etc.   I devoured information on natural systems and became an avid naturalist.  I attended graduate school learned about perennial systems, carbon, nitrogen, political and cultural issues, etc.  It was at this point that I started to develop a deeper interest in the rehabilitation of my own families farm and permaculture as a way to integrate all the different aspects of my education.   It was also at this point that I met my future wife Merin.  All of these experiences have influenced my ideas regarding land and farm management.


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